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Why Iowa?

I’m a New Yorker with an affinity for Iowa (I subscribed to the Des Moines Register when I was 13 and have visited the state many times, including three summer vacations with my family (not entirely to the cheers of my three kids!).

So for me, tonight’s caucuses are a bit like the Super Bowl, and I’ll be glued to C-Span and Twitter (where I’ll be following the Register’s @KObradovich and others).

Meanwhile, I’m pleased to post this delightful video that’s been going viral today — “Iowa Nice” — created by Iowa Filmmakers. The video includes a couple of words that aren’t so “nice,” so parental discretion (and volume control if you’re in your office) are advised.

It easily puts to rest some stereotypes non-Midwesterners have of the Hawkeye state. Check it out … and enjoy!

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