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Waterfront dining, anyone?

The giant Fairway supermarket in Red Hook is underwater — but that didn’t stop from accompanying its Day 2 Sandy coverage with an ad trumpeting the delights of al fresco dining on Fairway’s patio (which normally overlooks, but is not actually in, the water).

Not only couldn’t you dine outside Fairway this morning — you couldn’t get anywhere near the store!

Photo at right, which shows Fairway in far right background, is from Carroll Gardens Patch, which also posted many more great Red Hoot flood shots.

Below the art is an Associated Press report from on the Red Hook floods.


Residents in Red Hook who ignored the mandatory evacuation awoke to debris-strewn streets and a continuing blackout.

The floodwaters that rose at least 12 blocks inland had receded by dawn Tuesday.

It left cars strewn like leaves on the streets. Planters were deposited in intersections. Green metal Dumpsters were tossed on their sides.

Power lines were down.

Streets were covered with about 2 inches of muck and leaves.

The doors of the Fairway grocery store were blown out. Several cars left in the parking lot were shifted by flood waters overnight and were left crammed door to door.

Faye Schwartz and her husband rode out the storm in a third-floor apartment. She said white-capped flood waters reached at least three feet around the building.

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