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Racist headline tops NY Daily News website

If an editor had substituted “Jew” or “Black” or “Arab” or “Irish” or “Italian” or whatever … would this homepage topper pass muster at the New York Daily News? —

Unlike this SEO‘d homepage teaser, the story itself does not include “Jehovah’s Witness” in its headline; the term comes up only briefly mid-article — at which point the newspaper reports that the “Kingdom Hall in Gresham [Oregon] described him as an ‘irregular’ church-goer” [emphasis added].

The suspect is also reported to have cared for cats [HEADLINE: Cat lover sexually assaults and pumps bullets into a Starbucks barista] and he’s said to have been employed at Burger King [HEADLINE: Burger King worker has it his way with Starbucks barista, then pumps her with lead].

Daily News Publisher Mortimer Zuckerman, hang your head in shame! It’s no wonder that when Zuckerman, who’s a regular on the Sunday TV talk show circuit, is introduced, it’s as publisher of U.S. News — a magazine that barely exists — rather than as publisher of the still fairly large-circulation New York Daily News.

Meanwhile, the Daily News‘ website, under Zuckerman’s ailing eye, is all alone in its race to the bottom. Yuch!

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