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Practical Social Media for Small Businesses … Getting Started NOW

Every small businesses should claim its place in Social Media heaven NOW — but that doesn’t mean it has to do everything all at once.

Ed’s message to small business people — including Old Media people trying to get their footing on New Media’s social platforms — is this: Don’t be intimidated by the high demands of “experts” who insist that you do “it all” from the beginning. Do what you can now, get your feet wet, then come back for more.

Eventually you may discover that you actually enjoy being social — and even that there is a return on your investment (although that return may seem intangible at first).

At that point you’ll want to devote more time to it — or you’ll recruit someone to help you (friend, relative or consultant who can serve as your spokesperson). As corporate America and every major politician can affirm, it’s not a sin to have someone speak on your behalf.

What is a sin is to do nothing. Get started NOW!


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