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NYC landlord v. Social Media maven

UPDATE: Landlord threatens to sue over Website [link].

Almost every New York City landlord with more than a little experience can tell you hair-curling stories of their tenants from hell, while equally perturbed tenants describe perceived harassment and cold nights in their landlord-hosted Hades.

Bryan Eisenberg, a social media pro, created a blog to skewer his landlord.

Bryan Eisenberg, a social media pro, created a blog to skewer his landlord.

Housing court eats ’em all up, but tenants who play the system know they can use it to at least buy time, often rent-free.

Enter the frustrated tenant with some social media savvy, the latest tenant from Hell.

Sheepshead Bites reports on Bryan Eisenberg, the tenant who created a Website named for his address, 2842 Brigham Street, which he’s been using to skewer his landlord.

Eisenberg is an author and speaker on marketing and social media, with a professional Website, more than 3,700 Facebook Friends and 18,000 followers on Twitter. On Tuesday, he added a Facebook post about his troubles and quickly drew 69 comments and lots of shares.

His landlord is a police officer who has allegedly used fellow offers to harass both Eisenberg and neighbors; Eisenberg’s reporting on this has raised the stakes.

Home sweet home! Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary. Where you go for comfort and rest. To enjoy spending time with your family. What happens when your sanctuary is violated by a landlord who is also one of NY’s finest?

Sheepshead Bites’ Ned Berke reports that when Bites contacted the landlord, Mehtab Malhi, he said he hadn’t previously known about Eisenberg’s blog.

“I had no clue [the website existed]. I’m not a regular internet go-er,” Malhi said. “If he did it like that, well, I guess he’s locked into a landlord tenant with me and he’s doing what he can to throw more mud on me.”

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