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Is Twitter a business? You betcha! says CEO Dick Costolo

Twitter , in an interview at D9 (video posted below):

It took three years to send the first billion tweets, and we now send a billion tweets every six days.”

So, Mossberg asked, “Are you a business? And if not, when will you be one?”

“We’re a remarkably successful business,” Costolo responded, appending these examples:

Over 80% of all the advertisers who have advertised on Twitter come back and renew and advertise again on Twitter.t

The average engagement rate — where an engagement is a click, a reply or a retweet — is orders of magnitude bigger, better than traditional digital media advertising.

Volkswagen ran an ad campaign with us for their new VW Beetle. It was a promoted tweet, and a promoted trend. The promoted tweet had an engagement rate of 52%. So of all the people who saw the ad, more people engaged with it than didn’t.

That’s just unheard of.

Here are video excerpts from the interview, via All Things Digital

Great interview w/Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, posted with vodpod


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